miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Alejandro Fernandez

he born in april 24,1971 is a mexican singer.his nickname as potrillo,he is son of vicente fernandez.he sing a pop music and baladas

Musical career

his first public appearance was 1977 when his father presented him in show;he was meant to perform the song ``alejandra´´.

Personal life

he studied an architecht,alejandro is co owner of the shopping center in guadalajara,he was five children:three(alejandro,jr and the twin girls america and camila ) with his ex wife, America Guinart;and two (emiliano and valentina) with ex-girlfriend the colombian model Ximena Diaz.

Physical description

style: is good but is much casual with the elegant clothes

appearance:yellow hair,black eyes and height

Free time

in his free time he study music and practice this architect 

Legal problems

he has not had legal problems but in 1990s,his older brother vicente was kidnapped by a powerful band of organized crime,the kidnappers cut off one of his fingers and sent them to his father as warning .After Vicente Fernandez paid a huge sum of money

My description

is a good singer, is known in Mexico, their songs like most people due to the lyrics of the song has a good style and I think it's the favorite son of Vicente Fernandez that followed the career of his father  


the style of his singer in unatractive?
the lyrics of the songs is good?
he is a irresponsable for have five children with two womens?
his style is serious do you think you should change your style?
you like the theme pop and balada?

Important quotations

``vicente fernandez paid a huge sum of money´´

for me this sentence is important because the kidnappers took the money from Vicente Fernadez